WE!ARE Climate Justice Activists, Africa

Africa, we see you

Now we want
to hear you.

Your perspectives matter. Your opinions matter. What you have to say matters – and can change the future of Africa forever.

So lift your voice now, and be heard

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Climate What?

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Climate justice. It’s a word you’re going to hear a lot more in future. Why? Because Africa contributes the least to global warming, yet
Africans are the most affected by climate change.

We demand climate justice.

The negative impacts of global warming are not felt the same across all people. Those with the least capacity to cope and adapt to the impacts of climate change face the biggest threat. This means that communities that are most vulnerable to our changing climate are going to be the hardest hit.

Think of it as climate change discrimination.

Human rights and social justice will be further eroded in the future unless Africa’s youth stands up now and speaks up for climate justice. WE!ARE helping you do just that.

We want your thoughts, your words, your art, your music, your fashion, your dance, your song and your stories around climate change.

And we want your demands for climate justice

Your voice will be heard as these demands will be shared with African leaders and policymakers at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt in November – and beyond.

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