Training Workshops

Our online and in-person training workshops transfer issues of climate change and environmental policy development directly to our communities. Aspiring climate activists receive practical advice on climate-related policy education, community participation, and media skills development.

WE!ARE Showcases

WE!ARE partnering with local creative hubs in Mozambique, South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt to curate and stage engaging community activations. Emerging artists will participate in these showcases, using art as a vehicle for social change by highlighting the importance of climate justice in Africa.

Here’s how to get involved:

  • Join us at our showcase events in Nigeria, Mozambique, South Africa and Egypt, and lend your voice to the call for climate justice in Africa! Click here to find out more about the community showcases.

  • Get in touch with us if you’re a creative hub or an emerging artist wanting to connect with a participating WE!ARE creative hub.


We are demanding climate justice.
And we are demanding it now!

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) taking place in Egypt in November is being coined ‘the African COP’. Not because it is on African soil, but because it has to prioritise African needs and the African agenda. WE!ARE hosting the first-ever COP Youth Pavilion, which will facilitate a high-level exhibition and pledge between Africa’s youth and the attending policymakers. The Africa We Want to See publication containing the climate justice demands of 2 000 WE!ARE African climate activists will be handed over to policymakers. In addition, a showreel of the workshops, showcases and Sail-to-Sharm initiative will also be shown to delegates.