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We are exploring what climate justice means to Africans, and local climate issues, through art, creativity and user- generated content.

We are connecting with youth across the continent, particularly in the most vulnerable communities, to change how Africa responds to climate change.

WE!ARE is a movement for proactive climate changemakers.


WE!ARE…claiming our stories, as we move from victim to activist. We are rewriting Africa’s story in this time of climate change, with our communities and our people as the main characters.

WE!ARE…creative, as we move from western influence to African relevance.

WE!ARE…taking climate action, as we move from doing nothing to doing something. We are helping Africans take the lead in developing Africa’s story around climate change and climate justice.

WE!ARE…the solution, as we move from waiting for our leaders to act to pushing them to deliver solutions that work. We are changing the way Africans adapt to climate change.

WE!ARE…the Africa We Want to See, as we move from intent and our vision for Africa, to the policies themselves that will affect us every day.