Climate Justice in Africa

Climate Justice image one

The story of climate justice on the African continent cannot be written without us.

Africa already has a lot of challenges, and climate change is maybe the worst of them all. It is the biggest reason for food insecurity, poverty and displacement in Africa.

Our beautiful continent is struggling more than any other region in the world, but isn’t the problem causing climate change.

Climate change is the biggest problem we have, but it isn’t spoken. It affects everything in Africa like human rights and social justice; our growth depends on us sorting out this problem. Africa’s youth must stand up now and speak about climate justice, otherwise human rights will be gone.


It can be difficult to talk about climate justice when communities are facing threats such as poverty, issues around food security, and a lack of access to public services, clean drinking water and sanitation.

However, we need to start talking about climate change, and we need to start talking about climate justice otherwise these existing social and economic problems are just going to get worse.

The WE!ARE movement is giving young Africans an opportunity to speak their minds, lead the conversation, and share their solutions on their terms.

Tell the world what you need to see the Africa of your dreams at and join fight on social media using #AfricaByWe.