How to be a viral climate change activist

How to be a viral climate change activist

Ahead of the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, better known as COP27, Crtve Development partnered with Seen, to host a workshop on ‘How to be a viral climate change activist’. The purpose of the workshop was to empower young climate storytellers with the tools to fully understand how to create content that has the potential to go viral.

The interactive online workshop was hosted online and was attended by 137 climate activists from around Africa, who all have their own climate change story to tell.

The two and ½ hour workshop was a deep dive into three key areas to creating viral content specifically tailored to the climate change activists that attended.

First, we focused on ‘How to tell an impactful environmental story.’ This covered the process from concept to creation and how to create impact.

The second hour focused on the ‘shorts model,’ and how to effectively use shortform video formats to create both awareness and reach, and also how to use this limited time format effectively.

The workshop concluded with an important discussion on how algorithms work and what makes a platform push one’s content to a broader audience and the importance of engaging online.

Attendees were also able to openly discuss how each could improve each other’s content offerings by sharing their own thoughts and experiences on how they could raise awareness on climate issues and solutions to larger audiences, and thus amplify their voices further online!

The workshop is a must-watch for climate change activists seeking to improve their overall online presence as it covers both the technical aspects of creating professional content as well many tips and tricks that the SEEN team have learnt and perfected over the years.

Watch the ‘How to be a viral climate change activist’ workshop here